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New inshore lifeboat for Scarborough

10 June 2021 Scarborough has received a new Inshore Lifeboat D856 She has been donated by the Gay and Peter Hillard Charitable Trust. She will be named John Wesley Hillard IV

The Hillard family have a long standing connection with Scarborough Lifeboat Station with this being fourth lifeboat donated by this trust.The first named John Wesley Hillard served in Scarborough from 1992 until 2001. The second, John Wesley Hillard II served from 2001 to 2009. The third John Wesley Hillard III served from 2009 to 2021, during her time on station she was launched on service 208 times, saving 7 lives and assisting 191 people. The most recent life saved was that of a young boy Ravi Saini who had been carried out to sea by a current. He remembered the RNLI message to all which is "Float to Live"and floated on his back until our ILB arrived on scene and pulled him out of the water.

We are extremely grateful to the Hillard family for their support over many years. John Wesley Hillard IV starts another chapter in the life saving work of the "Hillard" lifeboats.

Unfotunately due to Covid we are unable to open the lifeboat station for visitors. As soon as we are able to open we will advise on this site.

Thank you to the Hillard famiy from the Coxswain, crew and all of the team here at Scarborough Lifeboat Station

Scarborough's All Weather Lifeboat away for an Upgrade

RElief lifeboat 13-32 Ruth & David Harper At just after 07:00 on 07 October 2020 Scarborough's All Weather Lifeboat Frederic William Plaxton left Scarborough to travel to Poole to receive and upgrade on its water jet propulsion unit. The lifeboat went by sea to Bridlington where she was lifted out and placed on a road vehicle for her trip to Poole ALC (all weather lifeboat centre) where the Shannon class lifeboats are built and maintained. The relief Shannon class lifeboat Ruth & David Arthur was already in the water so our crew jumped on and commenced the journey to Scarborough. For your interest during the journey to Scarborough the lifeboat would use the radio callsign "lifeboat 13-32". However, as soon as she arrived in Scarborough she would adopt the callsign "Scarborough Lifeboat".

Scarborough Yacht Club raises £1028.80

Scarborough Yacht Club presents a cheque for £1028.80 photo Kay Jackson
Scarborough Yacht Club has raised £1028.80 for Scarborough RNLI over the last year in various ways, such as a dinner-dance and raffles.
Members of the club visited the lifeboathouse to present the money.
Club Commodore Roger Buxton and member Martin Cranmer are pictured handing over a cheque to Coxswain Lee Marton and chairman Colin Woodhead.
Colin presented Roger with a pennant to be given to the winner of the RNLI pennant race on 18 May 2019.

A thank you to Colin and Pauline Woodhead

Colin Woodhead and his wife pauline have been stalwart supporters of Scarborough Lifeboat Station for many years. Colin is Chairman of the Lifeboat Station and Pauline will always be seen looking after the refreshmentst at lifeboat events. So the crew decided that they should be thanked for the work that they do so, Colin was presented with a canvas print of a photo of the Scarborough lifeboats. He is pictured (2nd left) with crew members (left to right) Erik Woolcott, Mark Jenkinson and John Huntley. Colin also accepted flowers on behalf of his wife Pauline. Colin Woodhead receiving a picture from Lifeboat crew members photo Kay Jackson

RNLI Online Shop is now Live

The RNLI's online shop is now back up and running. The profit from all purchases made through our Station Shop or the online shop directly help our life saving work.


Online shop leaflet
Online shop leaflet showing offers

Clock from RNLB Amelia has been found.

The clock which was fastened to the bulkhead of this lifeboat has been found and is now on display in our visitor centre. As you can see from the images below it was in a poor condition when found but after work has been done the brass has come up really well. This clock manufactured by S Smith and Sons (MA) Ltd. of London has an 8 day Swiss movement.
When we first looked at it we very carefully tried to wind it up, which it did with no problem, we then listened and it worked, it keeps very good time.

Whilst on service in Scarborough the lifeboat RNLB Amelia launched 118 times saving 31 Lives. She was built in 1964 by J Samuel White at Cowes on the Isle of Wight to a design by Richard A Oakley who was the lifeboats Naval Archtect..

The clock from RNLB Amelia as found
The clock from RNLB Amelia today

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06/02/2019 Our Shannon Launch and recovery unit returns from overhaul
The slars tractor unit arrives The carriage on the lorry The complete SLARS unit comes of the lorry trailer The complete SLARS on its way to the Lifeboat Station
Due to its size and weight the SLARS unit was transported on two low loader lorries. This picture shows the tractor unit on its way to connect to the trailer. Here is he carriage section on its low loader. The tractor unit connected up to this trailer, the hydraulic pipes and control cables were connected. This picture shows the unit connected up and starting to be removed carefully off the low loader. All connected up and everything checked the completed unit is now on its way to the Lifeboat Station. When it arrived at the station our Shannon lifeboat was then recovered on to it.

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