The S.L.A.R.S. (Shannon Launch & Recovery System)

When the Shannon class lifeboat had been developed due to its larger size it would not fit on the Mersey Carriage so a new carriage and tractor unit had to be developed. The RNLI together with Supercat Ltd developed the S.L.A.R.S.



Engine: Scania DC13 12.7 Litre Turbo-charged Diesel, Straight 6, Max power: 331 kW (450 bhp) Max torque:1950 Nm.

Cooling: Externally mounted coolant radiators, charge air radiator and oil cooler.

Hydraulic system/transmission: Permanent 4-track drive (with free wheel facility). Bosch Rexroth hydrostatic system using variable displacement pumps & motors, and reduction gearboxes. “Piggy-back” pumps provide power for accessory circuits. Carriage hydraulic supply via rotary joint with quick release connection. 300 Litre hydraulic oil tank.

Steering: Vehicle is steered by its tracks. Track system Supacat marinised track system. Bridgestone rubber belts.

Parking brake: Hydraulic pressure released, spring actuated multidisc (one per track system).

Fuel system: 300 Litre capacity (Diesel). Electrical system 24v. 4x 12v sealed-for-life batteries (2 for vehicle electrical system, 2 for bilge pumps).

Chassis: Welded box section. Zinc sprayed. Engine bay Main access to service points & engine through front door. Air intake/exhaust via stacks. Engine bay can easily be sealed for immersion. Cab Capacity for three occupants inc. wet weather gear. 180 degree rotating seat c/w control joysticks. Cab can easily be shut down for immersion. Composite construction. Carriage connection Oscillating (off-road) fifth wheel coupling.

Winch: Winch pull max 27 tons used to recover boat onto cradle, and can be used for system self recovery. 100 m Dynex rope.